Local Indian Experiences

With 1.3 billion people and over 7 million tourists annually, India is among the most popular countries in the world. Better yet, it offers over 800 dialects which also qualify it to among the most varied countries.

It’s also a country with so much more to offer than just amazing foods and spiritual enlightenment. Besides the Kerala backwaters, Rajasthan deserts, and Tamil Nadu’s temples, there is an endless list of experiences to enjoy in India.

Read on.

Cricket Obsession

After leaving India, the British left two lifetime legacies; cricket and railway. Cricket in India is not just a mention of the winning sport in the country, but it’s a way of life. Indians enjoy cricket across different classes, ages, sex and even admiring cricketers as gods.

Remarkably, it holds the best cricket team worldly for many generations, now winning nearly all major leagues. For this reason, apart from players earning from the winnings, even the locals get into betting. This way, they make money when their teams win with speculated scores.

So, if you want to feel like a part of India, do your research on cricket and join a friendly group watching a match. While I was there, I placed bet’s on cricket matches on one of India’s largest cricket exchanges. It definitely made the game and camaraderie with fellow viewers much more enhanced.


A simple haircut in India is not so simple after all. First, barbers will use their scissors to cut eyebrows, nostrils, and even tufts of ear hair.

Subsequently, after shaving, the customer is wiped using wet wipes and towels. Next, the barber starts a deep and firm massage on the head, neck, and shoulders. This massage involves facial slapping and pounding on the skull, known as ‘champi.’

However, be warned that their signature massage move is the swift neck crack which can be shocking for first-timers.


Due to India’s several diverse cultures and religions, a week can hardly pass without a celebration.

Because of their noticeable generosity, Indians are always glad to invite neighbors, friends, and even travelers they just met. Because you are likely to get an invite on your tour in India, remember to carry a change of clothes for the festivities like setting off fireworks in Diwali, being soaked in colored water in Holi, and sharing mutton in Eid.


With 800 dialects, head-shaking and wrist-flicking are the most common means of communication as a significant part of Indian makeup.

For instance, in South India, pointing your thumb towards the mouth can mean ‘have you eaten?’ or’ What do you want?’

Also, Indians shake their heads from right to left to mean that they agree and follow what you are saying, while everyone takes that as a sign of disagreeing with the speaker.


India has addictive foods that can make you worry less about your waistline. From kebabs, Makhan fish, steaming chicken, sweet or sour bhel puri, and even food from the roadsides are delicious and satisfying.

Better yet, you can have one of the locals show you how to make your favorites so that you can go home with a new and unique skill.

Old-World Train Travel

Remarkably, the Indian railways are 168 years old, traveling 67,956km with 20 million passengers daily.

This railway has trains moving through cities, villages, coastlines, and even mountains. Both the speed and commuter trains work together to ensure steady transportation of Indians and travelers of all classes and groups. Preferably, visitors should try the Duronto trains that provide a better way to view the city.

Traditional Games

Without a doubt, Indian culture and history consist of many sports and games. However, the internet era is taking over the playing platforms of children; hence many kids hardly go out to play. As a result, they get health issues and complications from lack of physical activities.

Nonetheless, games like Kabbadi, Pallanguzi, Lippa, and Gilli-danda would make kids jump out to play with their friends. Still, you will find some places with kids engaging in a few of these games and would be happy to teach the visitors’ kids.

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