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Drinking can be for survival or fun. However, the drinking culture in Thai is unique in that a traveler mustn’t miss out. In Thailand, you will experience drinking cost-effective beers called Chang or Leo, fermented rice liquor, lime juice, Thai iced coffee, or just a cold cocktail to ensure your day is fun.

If you plan to visit Thailand, read on for some basic information on finding the best drinks and places to enjoy your drinks.

Popular Thai Drinks

Most countries have unique drinks as part of their culture. In Thailand, drinking together is a way to bond and make friends for fun.

Beers are prevalent, with the most pervasive brand being inexpensive. Remarkably, you can pass the long tropical nights enjoying either craft or industrial beers. However, if you are looking for something more robust, a cocktail special by Thai culture would do magic. Also, during the day, you should keep your body hydrated and your taste buds excited by enjoying fruit juice or Thai iced coffee.

Thai Drinking Etiquette

As mentioned earlier, drinking in Thailand is different from many cultures. Apart from the various drinks, the etiquette also differs.

When you are with your friends out drinking, it is always a nice gesture in Thai to pour a drink to someone. Also, when you are making a toast, it is always best to start toasting to the older people first, then the others following.

Better yet, as the host, you should sit in the middle of the table and not the head. Amazingly even though it rarely happens, older people should settle most of the bill, if not all.

Unlike the western countries where people drink first then eat later, Thai people love to eat first. They will keep eating small amounts of food throughout the night to avoid getting very drunk.

Drinking Culture in Thai

Thai people love to enjoy themselves at the bar even though the drinking culture is somewhat different.

In Thailand, people drinking try not to be loud or lose control. This way, they will thoroughly enjoy themselves while maintaining a relaxed environment. The drunken behavior of shouting, fighting, or even harassing people is unacceptable because they term drinking a happy and social moment with friends.

The most common areas for Thai people to enjoy their drinks are bars, karaoke bars, or nightclubs. However, they maintain their groups while in these public places while dancing around the table.

Conversely, saying ‘cheers’ in Thai is possible in different ways, for instance, ‘chon!’ meaning ‘touch your glasses.’ Also,’ Mote gaow’ is a way of asking people to finish their drinks while ‘chok dee’ and ‘chai yo’ is saying either good luck or success.

What You Should Know About Drinking In Thailand

Globally, Thailand is the biggest consumer of alcohol, with beer being the first, followed by whiskey. On the other hand, wine is becoming popular after the doctors recommended the king to take a few glasses of red wine daily for heart problems.

Ideally, if you are a fan of liquor Sangam (40%) is also known as whiskey even though it is brewed from sugarcane and fermented in oak barrels. Besides, many drinks, alcohol or not, are from plants and herbs. Getting the liquid from plants is by crushing, boiling, or squeezing.

It would also be best to drink the juice immediately you make it, especially from carrot, lemongrass, tamarind, tiger herb, roselle, ginger, and even chrysanthemum.

Ultimately, after spending your calm and sunny day at the beach, a cold drink would do you great. Also, it would be best to try different Thai drinks for pleasure exploring.

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