Thai Music and Music Scene

When you visit a new country, it is easy to get distracted by the natural scenery, food, and fashion statement. Thailand is no exception to this as most people often visit it for the tasty food and sunny beaches.

Even in the bars and clubs relaxing, you would hardly hear any Thai music as indie music, and covers of popular songs are always on repeat. However, Thai has a great musical tradition that is diverse and interesting, and worth exploring. Remarkably, Thai music also inspires countries like India, Cambodia, and even China.

Let’s see below some of the popular music genres in Thailand.

Classical Music

This genre developed in the royal courts. An opera was a type in this genre that was a favorite for the royals and other people who loved listening to it in the courtyards.

While classical music may be from Indian practice, it is unique to Thailand, impacting several other cultures, including Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia.

In classical music, the composer remained anonymous even though recognition was a significant concern. Besides, Thai classical music is similar to Indonesian Gamelan.

Phleng Luk Thung

Also called luk thung, its literal meaning is ‘song of a child of the fields.’ This genre is popular among Thai rural living.

The songs in this genre address the hardships of the farmers, romantic love and social activities. Usually, the tempo is slower than other genres, and the people sing in Thai, Lao, and Isan dialects.

While some people argue that this is a folk song, this genre is new and developed in the mid20th century. Famous artists in this genre are Plan Prodan, Waiphot Phetsuphan, and Pumpuang Duangjan.

Moreover, other people who wanted to engage in luk thung combined it with other music from Asia and Latin America. Still, other artists also included electronic instruments together with their vocals.

Mor Lam

Similar to luk thung in describing village life, this genre originated from Laos. Also, it is among the dominant folks of Thailand. Better yet, it uses a slow tempo but mainly focuses on unrestricted love.

The artists sing in Lao, Thai, and Isan dialects and are known as molam. In the civil war times, the USIS used the molam singers to spread fake news among the rural population, hence Mor Lam’s name.

Beginning in 1985 and becoming popular in Thailand, this style also currently uses upbeat and western instruments. The famous artists of this genre are Pornsak Songsang, Jintara Poonlarp, and Banyen Rakgaen.

Music Festivals in Thailand

With traditional music, there must be music festivals as well. Thailand hosts some fantastic music festivals that tourists ensure they experience one if not all. For instance;

Hua Hin Jazz Festival

Since 2001, this Jazz festival has become a platform to showcase Thai talent. As a two-day festival, it occurs in June every year. If you combine this festival with delicious Thai meals, rest assured of a perfect 2-day experience of your life. Besides, famous artists also come to play.


This is one 4-day festival you shouldn’t miss as it is a combination of art and music held in Pattaya. Usually, the prime focus is to promote responsible ways of having fun. Therefore, mark your calendars for four days on music stimulation and artistic pleasure.


Just as its name suggests, this is all about the water craze of fun and music. Being among the most famous music festivals in Thailand, it attracts many people worldwide in November every year since it started in 2014. Besides, it boasts of hosting some incredible giants in the Thai music industry, such as Mike, Dmitri Vegas, Orjan Nilsen, and Afrojack.

Generally, combine your focus with exploring the attraction in Thai together with the Thail music for an exceptional experience in your travel.

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