Local Chinese Experiences

When you step off the plane in China, ensure you are there for fun and knowledge. China is packed with diverse activities to experience; hence, there is no need to miss out.

However, while there are numerous things to do and places to go, only time can be limited. Therefore, to guarantee that you will have a blast visit, below highlights the best local experiences. This way, you will save time to spend on unique and worthwhile things.

Read on.

Experience the Chinese Tea

Without a doubt, Chinese tea is an essential component of their culture. Therefore, you should not present yourself in a clueless manner when you want to know more about it.

The best way to experience Chinese tea would be to start building a rapport with the locals. First, it would be best to identify a specific type of tea as your favorite flavor. Then, it would help if you told the locals, especially the older adults about it, which will make them welcome you and teach you more.

Well, you will learn of a different type and method of making tea for your friends when you get back home.

Watch Beijing Opera Performance

The Beijing opera is famous for many things like the costumes and masks worn by the performance, not to mention the unique music style.

As a renowned Chinese form of art, it drew the influence from like arts and performances from other cities of China. It all came together in the capital of Beijing, and since then, it has become a permanent mark of Chinese culture.

Since it is widespread, it’s not a must to visit Beijing to watch the opera performance.

Selfies at Tiananmen Square with Mao

Another fantastic thing to do in China is hanging around Tiananmen Square and taking lots of selfies with the giant and iconic portrait of Mao Zedong. Mao Zedong was the founder of the People’s Republic of China.

It is important to note that the entrance of this iconic monument and the surrounding area is entirely free. However, it will cost some amount of money to view inside the Forbidden Palace and other attractions.

Go To the Great Wall

In your bucket list, you need to tick off visiting the Great Wall. Even though it is a top-rated tourist attraction, it also offers a perfect camping and adventure hiking environment.

Because it is popular, it can get very crowded like every day. Therefore, it would be best to avoid the Badaling section of the wall and visit Jiankou, Huanghuacheng, and Mutianyu sections. These sections are less crowded and offer better and authentic experiences.

 Climb around the Avatar Mountains

The first national park in china is the Zhangjiajie in Hunan province, offering extraordinary scenery. Apart from being utterly stunning by nature, its beautiful vertical mountains functioned as the motivation for the movie’s floating mountains in “Avatar.”

As a result of erosion, these several-hundred-foot-tall pillars are undeniably spectacular. It would be best if you ride up the side of either of them in the sheerest elevator in the world as you walk along the sky on the lengthiest global glass bridge.

Moreover, it is a vast national park with every part being magnificent. Better yet, you could spend some days walking outside the major tourist attractions.

Experience Shaolin Kung Fu

For both Buddhists and non-Buddhists, Shaolin Monastery in Dengfeng is a popular place to visit. As the origin of the Buddhists, this temple holds an essential part of Chinese history.

Among the most exciting aspects of this temple are the martial arts practiced by the monks. Over the years, this activity has become popular and earned the term “Shaolin Kung Fu.”

Without a doubt, China is a large country with a lot to see and do.

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