Japanese Music and Music Scene

Nearly everything about Japan is fascinating. Apart from the food, geography, and history, the country’s unique take on pop culture is an effective magnet to tourists.

Aside from the laws against dancing, below are some more interesting facts on Japan you should know. This is not just for people planning to travel but also for the interest of personal knowledge.

Presence of Music CDs

Even with the plenty of things, the tourists should try to experience in Japan; still, the love of CDs by Japanese is fascinating above all. With today’s technology and the use of the internet, people are live streaming and downloading movies and songs online, making CDs nothing but a memory.

However, this is not the case in Japan, as it totaled up to 85% of all music sales. What’s a mystery is that Tokyo is the futuristic techno-hub globally but still uses CD as the primary method of music consumption.

Ban on Selling CD under $25

In most countries, you are likely to find a CD dumped somewhere, contrary to Japan since it is against the law to throw CDs. This law, known as Saihan System, is effective in numerous copyrighted materials such as CDs.

Formed in 1953, the Saihan system permits owners of the content to determine the least selling price of recently released or re-released products. While some people may consider $25 as slightly steep, there are also CD renting services that the enforcers of copyrights agree with.

Dancing Was Illegal

Until two years ago, the country removed its ban against dancing. Nearly 70 years ago, this law was a move by the government after World War 2, which was purposely to stop prostitution.

When this Fueiho Law was active, only the venues with a license to dance were allowed. However, many people gained the strength to oppose this impossible-to-maintain law hence the breaking free of dancing in Japan.

Tokyo Holds the Best Sound Systems Globally

Audiophiles have become popular in Japan because a slight appreciation wildly turns into an obsession. With countless bars, cafés, and all-sized clubs all often congested into the same block, Tokyo is the destination for music fans who heighten their fandom to greater heights.

As a visitor who wants to experience this current obsession, the VENT nightclub in Shibuya is the place to go. This is because the sound system mainly works with the venue’s room audibility to suppress echo.

Idol Metal

The eccentric blend of thrash metal and fantastic, sickening sweet pop is a genuine and popular genre in Japan. Babymetal is the most famed group worldwide. Presented by three teenage vocalists, Babymetal has visited international destinations and bringing the genre to a broader mainstream.

 Another notable performance in the Idol Metal genre is Ladybaby which formerly featured two seeking Japanese models and a cross-dressing Australian wrestler.

Consists Of the Largest Pop Group

AKB48 originates from the geek fandom mecca of Akihabara as literally the world’s biggest pop group. ‘AKB’ is the acronym for Akihabara, and presently the band comprises a rotational cast of above 130 members.

Created as a manageable girl band by renowned producer Yasushi Akimoto, the group has its theatre in Akihabara. In their theatre, they perform night by night, offering fans an excellent opportunity to see the idols live. However, if you miss out on tickets to watch them in action due to the group’s popularity, you can still buy from the AKB48-themed café close to the Akihabara station.

Traveling to a new destination requires you to break away from the norm and experience a unique sensation to take home with. And what better way to enjoy your travel if not through music and learning more about it?

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