Indian Music and Music Scene

For such a long time, Bollywood and cricket ruled the entertainment industry in India. However, Indian music includes several genres, numerous varieties, and forms like classical music, folk or Bollywood, pop, and rock. This music has a history across several ages and produced over numerous geo-locations covering the sub-continent. Music in India started as part of socio-religious life.

Moreover, the East and West always exchanged skills and even knowledge in culture, art, and technology. Therefore, it is not surprising that a country like India embraces the drastic change in the global music scene with an open heart. Hence, this change has pushed the Indie music scene forward.

Indie Music in India

Indie or independent is the term used for freelance musicians who produce original music without the help ofrenowned labels. For indie music, it is artistry before the commercial gain of music.

But in India, mainstream film music won for a long time just because indie music lacked a significant audience. However, when bands began to cover popular international songs, the momentum started rising for indie music. Subsequently, in the 2000s, these artists engaged in different styles, languages, and sounds to produce original music.

Remarkably, they used tools like social media to promote their live performances. This way, the exposure of Indian youth to diverse talents is gaining important platforms and audiences to perform.

Besides, every good thing gains challenges along the way. Indie music in India is also facing challenges for the artists to grow and become established. They face a lack of financial support: Labels guarantee to gain profits and promote songs for the artists. However, they are not open to signing independent artists.

 But still, famous indie artists like Thaikkudam Bridge, Raghu Dixit, Nucleya, and many others have had their breakthroughs in the country.

What Is Causing The Shift?

The main reason for the growth of indie music is technology. With the increased use of the internet and thrive in technologies and platforms like Spotify and Jio Saavan, the spread continues to intensify.

With social media, there’s no more gap as now the artists can reach a global audience. Better yet, even the cost of recording and distributing has reduced thanks to the technology advancements significantly.

The change of attitude among the audience is also another reason for the significant shift. There is a generation gap in indie music in the country. For some time, music was only for financially stable people. Hence it was not among the most critical career paths for many youths, considering the economic status in India.

Because independent music beats the odds against the mainstream culture, artists were still not sure of taking this route. However, with more indie artists becoming famous as time passed, it is noticeable that the music scene in India is growing even more.

Unbelievably, the COVID-19 pandemic is also a significant contributor to the growth of indie music. This is because the artists were continuously creating and distributing original music even though the situation was unstable.

Besides, all an indie artist needs are great software on the computer, a mic, and a room to produce the songs. So, staying at home was not a hindrance to their creativity in making more music for their audience. Also, the pandemic had the film industry halted; hence Bollywood music was also down, not dominating the charts as usual.

Future for the Industry

The good thing is that indie music is growing and changing the music scene in India. This is because there’s a growing liking to non-film music, giving indie artists a better chance to reach higher heights.

Nonetheless, Bollywood is still here to stay, not losing all the importance in the music industry. Some people will still prefer this type as it’s always been what they know; even if there will be fewer listeners.

Most definitely, there’s significant hope for the emergence of more artists in the Indian music industry dominating the present indie music scene.

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